DUST: Priddy Ugly Drops the Mic with Final Album

Have you bumped Priddy Ugly's latest album yet? This broski's pen game is fire – seriously, don't be fooled by his chilled demeanor. His delivery might be smooth, but his lyrics pack a punch. This whole project, DUST, goes hard.

Artwork (left) and tracklist (right)

A Legendary Farewell

After a long and fruitful career in the rap game, Priddy Ugly is hanging his mic. DUST, released on January 26th, 2024, marks the end of an era for this award-winning artist. Although his retirement may not be well received by fans, his retirement is no surprise as the rapper made sure to announce it in advance. Last year in October, the rapper took to social media to announce his retirement while showcasing his impressive discography.

Here is what he said:

"It's been 15 years. That's 3 albums and 3 mixtapes. That's 5 EPs, 500 features and thousands of verses. Millions of minds blown (that's word to my pen). That's a whole wife and daughter. Some homies gained, some homies lost, some bruised egos and a whole lot of love. Some wins, some losses, some horns, some crosses. That's 5475 days you've been riding with me and 0 minutes I would take back."

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Priddy Ugly's Discography

Priddy Ugly leaves the game with an impressive and interesting discography, though. 3 albums, 3 mixtapes, 5 EPs and 500 features is quite a lot.


  • DUST (2024)
  • MUD (2022)
  • SOIL (2021)


  • G.O.A.T (2019)
  • E.G.Y.P.T (2017)
  • You Don't Know Me Yet (2016)


My Thoughts on DUST

This is a really good album. It sounds carefully composed and balanced. While some songs seem to be a way for Priddy to showcase his lyrical prowess, others left me contemplating life as topics about life, the game, family and death become prevalent in the album.

The features don't disappoint, the beat choice isn't bad either. And, in terms of bars, wordplay, punches and quotables - DUST delivered. I have definitely put some songs on my playlists.

On my first listen, I fell in love with the deeper and soulful Go On and Soul Food (feat. ZuluMecca). Piece 4 Peace and Family, Man (feat. Thato Saul) are also other songs I've favoured with time. Although the latter posed somewhat of a language bearer in some parts. But this isn't new, Priddy never shied away from messing with vernac.

Overall, DUST is a masterpiece. I would recommend it to any South African hip-hop fanatic. I also commend Priddy for staying true to hip-hop in an era where rap music is so diluted.

Listen to DUST on Apple Music and Spotify.