And We're Back With More Drip, More Music and More Life

The festive season is over. For a lot of people, it's gonna be time to go back to the work stations or maybe class. For Da South though, it's time to get back to the music!

If You're New Here, Here's a Little Intro:

What is Da South?

Da South is a hip-hop fan blog straight outta South Coast. Here you'll find posts about hip-hop music, apparel and lifestyles updated every week.

This isn't just another blog though, we are advocates of good South African hip-hop culture. We are on a mission to elevate this culture and show our patronage to local (especially aspiring) talent.

More and More

This year we are turning things up a notch for you hip-hop fanatics. Come back here every tuesday to keep up with what's happening in the game. 

More Drip

Who doesn't want to look good when they going out or just chilling in? I bet nobody. This is why we come up with excuses like "drip is forever" to keep rocking swag.

With a whole ocean of styles out there though, sometimes it is hard to find what you could dig.

This year we are featuring and showcasing even more brands that you might wanna try. So, stay tuned. 

More Music

I was listening to my 2023 wrapped Spotify playlist and I realised that last year I wasn't listening to much music. No wonder why my year had so many mishaps. This year, I put "more music" in my resolutions list and I already feel like I can conquer 2024. Crazy how music gives us those feel-good vibes and motivation, right?

Don't sleep on music. We got the hookup on local, national and international music updates on our social media timelines for days.

Another thing we wanna do is to review and showcase aspiring artists from South Coast. 

More Life

Hip-hop isn't just about the music or the beef. It's also the art and the creativity. It's the lifestyle and the culture too. It's the life! This blog right here encompasses that life. Follow @dasouthblog if you're about that life too.

We're in this together.