DeMoney Slime & PEsso's XVII - Slim & Slime Freestyle



Intro: DeMoney Slime 
Mula ,Mula, Mula, Mula
Mula on my brain, Mula on my mind 
Mula, Mula, Mula, Mula 
Mula Make the world 360° Slime 

Verse1: DeMoney Slime
Amma smooth criminal MJ 
My Blunt Thicker Than Kim K 
Baby Am Your K-I-N-G
They Said Go To Hell ,I Went To Neptune 
Water Dripping till my neck too 
You Niggas Can Drown Amma Pisces 
I Beat The Beat Up Like Tyson 
Nigga Amma solider M.Bison 

Nigga Got That Dope Back From The 80's 
White Coke Nigga That Slim Shady 
Speaking to the devil man, am talking hudis 
He said get the money than you got the laddies 

Now am DeMoney 
Finna Get Money 
Nigga watch your honey 

Verse 2: PEsso's XVII
He's DeMoney and I'm PEsso's, What you know about money?
Yeah We Dripping honey, smell like money
Just Counted on my dreads they can make a hunnid
What you know about them dreads oh i got the locks for my dread
That's a dreadlock
I be in the studio recording on this verse that i never even write
But i wrote it by my mind
And i know it feels right
Your girl give me head
She said she wanna think about me i cum inside her brain

Outtro: PEsso's XVII (& DeMoney Slime)
ShoutOut All my niggas! (AyoDeGemini)
From Cloud 9 Squad (CoolQue Nigga)
Yeah, Da South Music (Lloyd De Virgo Nigga)
XVII, Slim (XVII nigga)
(Aye. Alen De Virt, Nigga about to Purge aye)
Don't forget DeMoney Slime
 From South Side