The Launch

Okay, so starting up a blog isn't as easy as people on the web make it out to be. There's a list of things you need to check through first. One of those things are; are you ready to do this? Of course you think you're ready when you're super excited and hyped up about being a blogger. That's until you decide, "Okay, let me write my first blog post."

Can you believe that for the very first blog post I came up with The Launch as a title? Maybe now you can relate. It gets even harder when you plan to run a music blog. You get to worry about the preferred audience, visitors, the type of music and "creatives" you'll cover, your writing style and even the grammar too. It's even a bigger challenge to think about how people who read your blog will perceive it.

I had to look up "What to write on the first blog post?" before writing this post. I took a couple of notes, I admit. Other writers suggest trying to introduce yourself and letting people know why you're blogging in the first place. I'll try just that and see how it plays out.

The Creepy Guy on the Keyboard

Who am I? Since I'd like to think of myself as a "creative", I rather introduce myself as AyoDeGemini. Ayo pronounced as eyo, by the way. I think I do alternative hip hop, but lately I've been busy with developing Da South. Therefore I haven't put out that many projects and I won't be focusing on that here. The aim is to introduce Da South. Also, I won't be the only one here writing up content.

Da South AKA The South

"It's just a hip-hop blog that a bunch of rappers created to put their music out to the world, to show their passion for the hip-hop culture as well as to assist other aspiring creatives groom their work." as the About Us page reads.

I came up with the idea of Da South when I thought of doing music. The original idea was to create a website where me and other rappers in my circle can upload music so it'll be easier to share. But the idea has then evolved to what is difficult to explain today.

I pitched the idea to a bunch of friends and we decided, "alright, let's do this." So now we have this blog and some following on social media. Da South has been active on social networks, but since we've started a blog, we will be relaunching Da South. (I guess that's how I came up with The Launch, huh?)

With the blog running, we will be publishing posts at least twice a week. We'll be doing write ups about upcoming artists, as well as major artists. We'll do posts on new music, music reviews, music tips, music strategies and news we find interesting. We like to keep an open mind and I think that's how our approach differs.

We'll also be uploading music from me and other rappers. Do expect mixtapes and free releases in here. Should there be any music distributed to online music stores, you'll redirected to accordingly. 

So Much For Being Optimistic

We will be having featured posts, promotions and we will have guest writers. Like I mentioned earlier, we like to keep an open mind.

If you're a music fanatic and you don't want to suffer from FOMO, catch us on major social media platforms. Just look for @dasouthonline.

The next blog post will be next week Monday or Tuesday. That's when the relaunch will take place. Maybe we'll compare Trap with Rap. Stay tuned!